What is a “private” cloud?

Compare Intermedia’s Managed Public and Private Cloud solutions


In our Managed Public Cloud model, we provide access to the infrastructure as well as services for monitoring and managing the operating system, applications and middleware. In this model the cloud infrastructure is hosted in our data centers and the networking, storage and compute resources can potentially be shared among multiple subscribers as a multi-tenant environment.


In our Managed Private Cloud, the infrastructure is not shared. This is also known as “single-tenant” or “dedicated” cloud. Access to the private cloud is limited to an organization and implemented for a defined set of internal users. However, from the end-user perspective, the services are similar or identical to those hosted in a public cloud. In our Managed Private Cloud, we offer the same level of Worry-Free Experience™ that you get in our shared environment, plus an assigned Strategic Client Services Manager and the centralized management though our proprietary control panel, HostPilot®.

In the following table you can see the main differences between our Managed Public Cloud (shared environment) and our Managed Private Cloud (dedicated environment).


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