We represent over 75 telecommunications companies through our partnership with Unified Network Services and Telarus. With software like GeoQuote, getting Commercial Telecommunications, Cable, Wireless and Fiber Carrier Solutions pricing has never been easier. GeoQuote is a real time carrier services pricing information service without the sales pitch. Finally, use your time for real analysis, rather than hunting down information. Now you won’t have to feel like you have to have a 45 minute telephone call with the local phone company just to find out how much your service will cost.

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Expect a Unified Network Services agent broker to contact you after you receive your instant quote. But, don’t panic! Agent brokers are not there to pressure you. Use them and their expertise to further investigate the services and carriers you see on your quote. Please use agent brokers in any search for service, contract reviews and to sign up for your service.

Agent brokers have deep industry experience with multiple products and services. Agent brokers get commissioned from telco companies and don’t mark up their prices. Telco companies expect agent brokers to be the first line of customer service for their customers, offering the same price a customer would get if they contacted the company directly.

The advantage of ordering through a Unified Network Services agent broker is that you will get deep knowledge and a second channel of customer service. If the company is not performing to your expectations, you will always be able to go back to your Unified Network Services agent broker who is much more likely to get the telco companies’ attention and have your problem solved.

GeoQuote real time pricing and Unified Network Services is the only way to go!