Tiered enterprise file server, security services and multi device application interface

  • Tier one – A uniquely configured Windows File Server
  • Tier two – Easy web interface for access to files, management and security
  • Tier three – State of the art ShareSync client application on any device

The Problem – We solve the data leakage problem business customers face. CIO wants data protection and maintain regulation compliance while the end users love the simplicity of Dropbox and other online services.

The Solution – We give a Dropbox-like solution to the hands of CIO so he can use his own storage services. On one hand, data is stored in a storage service that is secure and meets regulatory compliance. On the other hand, the employees as end users continue to enjoy the convenience the cloud storage solution provides.

ShareSync joins the forces of backup and file sharing to enable intuitive file management and mobility while helping to keep company data secure and protected.  It eliminates the need for separate file backup by adding file sync and share features on top of cloud file backup.

ShareSync keeps files and folders in backed up and synced across virtually every device-and helps make it simple to share those files inside and outside of the company.

Business owners and managers like ShareSync because of the comprehensive security features, permissions-based sharing and 99.999% uptime mean there’s no sacrifice in control, security or reliability.

  • File backup. Real-time (not scheduled) backup for user files, with simple recovery.
  • File sharing and collaboration. Sync and share files internally and externally using virtually any device, while maintaining control over file access permissions.
  • Admin control and security. Keep your data safe and protected while consolidating two separate services for simpler management.
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery. ShareSync keeps operations up and running across a number of scenarios, from stolen devices to ransom-ware outbreaks.
  • A Worry-Free Experience. 24/7 admin phone support. 99.999% uptime SLA.

Legal, medical, scientific, engineering, service and other professional operations use ShareSync’s well known solution for their backup and file sharing tools for desktop and laptop computers. Sophisticated users access their file resources from their desktop, laptop and tablet computers as well as their smart phones, facilitating a real time highly productive work force.

Managed Computer Services adds unique server and management resources to the equation, designed to increase performance and decrease complexity.

It’s not uncommon for companies of any size to have multiple file servers, file sharing local computers, many flavors of backup sodtware and a host of free file sharing tools like One Drive and DropBox nested inside their organizations. Managed Computer Services’ different approach consolidates and replaces not only file servers but all desperate file backup and sharing solutions.

Managed Computer Services incorporates ShareSync’s award winning client application into our unique “Enterprise File Collaboration and Backup Services.”

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