The Managed Computer Services Confidential Consulting Relationship sets us apart from all other Information Technology Consulting Companies. We promise to protect your intellectual property by committing to work with only one customer in a unique vertical market space at a time. Our depth of business experience affords us the opportunity to work across many verticals.

Most IT service providers work in only a few verticals; for example, focusing on groups of doctor businesses, groups of engineer businesses or groups of lawyer businesses. Over the course of time, it becomes easy for computer technicians to inadvertently share one doctor, engineer or lawyer business’s intellectual property with another doctor, engineer or lawyer business across those individual vertical groups.

Your intellectual property surfaces in the way your company utilizes business workflow and systems, with which we become intimately familiar. We may work with a biological engineering company and an electrical engineering company, but not with two or more electrical engineering companies. We will protect your competitive advantage at all costs.

In keeping with our compulsion to protect your business, we strive to keep our consulting relationship completely confidential. You will not see our customers in our marketing or social networking material, unless they ask us to participate. We prefer to fly under the radar protecting your hard work and investment.

Our primary directive is to provide you with best in class IT services and support, meticulously aligned with your business.

Take the first step to benefit from our Confidential Consulting Relationship today.

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