Will your backup restore your business after a disaster?

Most likely not. Many businesses fail every year because they cannot recover from a disaster, even though they were convinced that they had “good backups”. If you are not losing sleep over whether or not your backup will work to accurately recover your business after a catastrophe, you probably should be.

Only one proven methodology, “Disaster Recovery Confirmation” can validate your backup so you don’t lose sleep! At a user level, once a month restore a sample of your critical business files to a computer and open them in the application that you do business with. Every month, you will be secure in the knowledge that your files are recoverable.

Businesses need to look at backup a bit differently than single users. The number of times the tragedy of backup tapes remaining on top of a local server and are both consumed in a fire is unbelievable. Backup is a lot more than insuring the tape gets swapped out and removed from the building every night or that you don’t cheat a bit. Your business needs the two biggest pieces of a backup strategy in place to survive data loss.

Off Site Out Of Region Backup and Data Recovery Confirmation

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